Electrical services are always going to be needed if you own a business. Encon Commercial Services will provide 24 hours of non-stop service, and upfront and honest pricing then calling Encon Commercial Services is your answer. Each and every technician is subjected to rigorous training keeping your business high functioning and safe.

Encon Commercial Services service technicians strive for quality and satisfaction regardless of the job size and nature. From engineering and design through final installation and maintenance, Encon Commercial Services can manage any commercial electrical challenge or relocation, big and small.

Electricity is a modern-day necessity and without it, you would be losing the use of modern-day luxuries. Encon Commercial Services, we know you need your electricity and we know you want it done right. With, Encon Commercial Services the quality of the work we do for our customers is always the best you could ask for.

How It Works?!

Everyone uses electricity in their homes every day, but how does it get there and how is it distributed throughout the home? For electricity to function properly, it must always complete a circuit. Electricity flows in from one of two 120-volt wires and backs out through a grounded neutral wire. Any flaw in the wire to and from these points will interrupt the current’s path and cause a fault in one of your circuits.

Why Us!

We continue to pursue that same vision in today's complex, uncertain world, working every day to earn our customers’ trust! During that time, we’ve become expert in electricity and all its related services. We work closely with all major Electrical services around the world.

Quality Control System

We enhance our industry operations by relieving you of the worries associated with freight forwarding.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are one of the Nations largest automotive parts recyclers and a widely recognized leader utilizing advanced

Highly Professional Staff

An integrated approach to providing engineering services allows our clients to benefit from the commercial logistical

Accurate Testing Processes

We’ll work with you on your portfolio, large or small. Together we’ll fine-tune your new construction, remodeling or renovation